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Tarrant Crawford, Dorset
1841 Census



This set of pages gives a transcription of the 1841 census for Tarrant Crawford, with a surname index, which I have personally produced. It was transcribed rather rapidly and has not been independently checked, and it should therefore be treated with caution, particularly with regard to names, which were at times difficult to decipher. However, since originally transcribing it I have acquired the Archive CD Books CD version, which is clearer than the original films and has permitted me to resolve questionable names and confirm others. I hope that it will be of some help to people researching ancestors in this parish.

Introduction to the 1841 census

The 1841 census was the first census of the country in which the names of individuals were officially recorded and retained, and so is the first general census of use to genealogists and family historians. Nevertheless, the information is very limited compared to that in later censuses. The major differences from the censuses which followed are:

The columns shown on the enumeration schedules for this census are:

In addition to those limitations, the quality of the records is often poor, for a variety of reasons:

About this transcription

In order to make this data available even to those with very old browsers, I have avoided the use of tables in its presentation. By using indented lists with bullet points I have also avoided the need for horizontal scrolling, which would make for difficult viewing.

The presentation here consists of two parts, the surname index and the data "as enumerated".

The surname index shows each personal entry with the surname in block capitals, followed by the name exactly (or as near as I could interpret it) as on the original schedule, including the use of "do", meaning "ditto" to mean the same as in the preceding entry of the original schedule. Clicking on the name leads to the corresponding entry in the transcription of the "as enumerated" part.

In the "as enumerated" part, I have omitted the contents of certain columns in order to simplify the presentation without loss of information. The columns I have omitted are:

I have used the first level of indentation to group all the people in the same household, with just the "Houses Inhabited" column (invariably the figure 1) unindented. The second level of indentation shows the information against each individual, one line per column on the original form, except that for clarity I have converted the two age columns (one each for males and females) to a single entry per person, with the age preceded by M for male or F for female. In other respects I have endeavoured to keep the wording identical to that on the original schedule.

In addition to the personal information in the columns, the census record has an introductory paragraph explaining the area covered, which I have included verbatim. At the end there is also a statistical summary, which I have also included, but with an added comment of my own.

The census "as enumerated"

The 1841 census "as enumerated" is on a separate page.

The surname index

The 1841 census surname index is also on a separate page.

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